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Tips to Marketing High-Dollar Rentals in Tampa – Time Frame to Lease

Tampa investors who own high-dollar properties need to adopt a different strategy when it comes to marketing their homes to potential tenants. You’ll need to know the market, develop relationships with various relocation companies, and prepare to adjust your expectations in terms of how quickly your property will rent.

Property Management Tampa: Marketing Experts

Working with a local Tampa property management company is always a good idea, no matter what type of property you have. However, with a Tampa house that rents for between $3,000 and $5,000 a month, getting expert help is even more critical. You’ll need someone who is not only an outstanding property manager, but also innovative and connected when it comes to advertising and marketing. Running an online ad on the usual rental sites is not going to work in this case.

Utilizing Relocation Services to Find Tampa Tenants

One of the best places to find tenants who can rent these high-end properties is through executive relocation services. In this market, we can also reach out to local corporations and the military, which has a large presence in Tampa. There may be a fee to access these tenants, but it’s worth it when you have your home rented by responsible people who can afford the rent.

Vacancy Rates for Luxury Tampa Rental Property

Tampa landlords who have properties in this price range are not going to rent their homes in 10 days. That’s just not realistic, and you’ll have to be willing to invest some time and resources to find the right tenant. Most of these properties are on the beach, and it takes longer to get to these homes and to show them. There’s also going to be more time needed for things such as inspections, lease signings, and walk-throughs. Prepare to be patient, and expect to pay a higher monthly management fee.

Tips to Marketing High Dollar Rentals in Tampa Time Frame to LeaseIf you need help renting out a Tampa house that is in the high-dollar range, please contact us at Rent It Network. We have experience marketing these homes, and we also have relationships in place with a number of local relocation companies.